Home School at Helix

We hosted our first inquiry workshop for a home school group this week. After studying the physics of electricity and sound this month, the group joined us to make speakers out of wires, magnets, and everyday objects. Once the group had mastered making basic speakers using paper cups as drivers, we attempted to make speakers out of everything we could find in the room- windows, metal doors, cardboard and plastic boxes… and found that some things worked better than others. The first time I ever did this, I was amazed that I could make sound come out of these uncomplicated objects. Even this week, although I’ve done this many times, I still felt thrilled to test out a speaker on something new to see how well it would work. It turns out that our metal doors do not make great speakers… at least not yet. I’m still planning to test what will happen if I change my coil of wire and the number of magnets!

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