The Helix exhibits were curated from the Exploratorium collection or developed by Exploratorium exhibit developers specifically for Helix. The Helix team included two exhibit developers who worked to keep our collection fresh and responsive to the space and visitors. Helix also served as a space for prototyping new exhibits for the Exploratorium and other Global Studios projects. As a part of our community collaborations, we exhibited work by local artists in conjunction with Helix programs.

Full Exhibit List

The Helix collection included exhibits ranging in scale to offer varying experiences as visitors moved through and dwelled in the spaces. To create an environment that was engaging at every turn, we capitalized on the affordances of the existing space. Using projections and wall coverings, hallways became optical illusions, and walls and windows were transformed into exhibits. We also developed lap-top exhibits that were stowed in a coffee table and could be pulled out for visitors to use while sitting on our sofas.