“Helix is a special place where imagination, innovation, & playfulness come together.  The Helix show I was a part of was a very thoughtful, well produced, & unique event. I look forward to collaborating again in the future.” -Luis Marroquin


Engagement with Helix

Leah Siegal, Firehorse; Lumigeek & Windmill Factory

Vocal Soundscape with Voice-Responsive LED Balloonscape Installation

Luke Fischbeck & Sarah Rara, Lucky Dragons

Interactive Digital Sound Workshop

Romy Randev, Looma

Interactive Glass Art Installation, Public Talk, and Workshops

Bullseye Glass

Fused Glass-Making Public Talk and Workshop

Stedman Wilson, Ph.D.

Fractal-Generated Music Performance and Public Talk

Luis Marroquin

Skateboard Deck Carvings Installation and Workshop


Turntable DJ for Summer Spin


Breakdancing Performance and Workshop

Cris Benton

Saltscapes Photography Installation and Public Talk

George Pfau

Zombies Identified Drawing Workshop

Helix provided a venue for local artists to showcase their work and facilitate workshops for our visitors. Art installations and programs provided opportunities for visitors to learn new skills and to explore the world through artistic inquiry. Art featured at Helix incorporated math, science, or technology and provided a unique entry point for investigating phenomena relating to our programs and exhibits.