“The teachers are still talking about their experience…Well done!” –Kami Thordarson, LASD Innovative Strategies Coach


Helix Programs

Bullis Charter School Art Classes

One-Month Installation of Students’ Cellular Structure Paintings

LASD ILearn Professional Development Group

Inquiry Professional Development Workshop

LASD STEM Teacher Group

Inquiry Professional Development Workshop

Santa Rita School Teachers and Principal

Exhibit-Based Introductory Workshop

Bullis Charter School Teachers and Superintendent

Teacher meeting and Brainstorming Session

Covington Elementary School

Co-Developed and Participated in 5 Summer Workshops

Los Altos, Campbell & Saratoga Libraries

Helix Public Outreach Programs in the Libraries


4-week Homeschool Program at Helix

Nueva School

STEM Festival

Helix worked with local schools to support students and teachers. In the spring of 2014, 35 classes visited on field trips and several schools participated in workshops. Students increased intrinsic motivation for science learning, engaged in scientific practices, and explored their understanding of phenomena. Teachers experienced inquiry-based learning for themselves and were empowered to redefine how science learning can happen in their schools.