“It was a pleasure speaking with you about polarizing light, crystal birefringence, and some of my work on rock samples from the lower oceanic crust from the Hess Deep expedition… Helix seems to be blooming these days.  Nice work.”  –Naomi Marks, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Helix Programs

Evil Mad Scientist

Public Talk and Collaboration on Interactive Art Installation

Baiju Batt, Co-Founder, Robinhood

Public Talk on Chaos Theory

UC Berkeley Scott Lab

Mutant Fruit Fly Research Demonstration

John Hafernik, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

ZomBees Public Talk

Joe DeRisi, Ph.D., UCSF, HHMI

Malaria Research Public Video Presentation

Daniel Cohen, Ph.D. candidate, UC Berkeley

Waterbears Demonstration

Georgeann Sack, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Shark Dissection Workshop

Naomi Marks & Nicole Kurtz, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Hess Deep Ocean Drilling Research Public Talk

Paul Doherty, Ph.D., Exploratorium

Scientific Content Advising, Public Exhibit Talks

Thomas Humphrey, Ph.D., Exploratorium

Exhibit Advising, Public Exhibit Talk

Ron Hipshman, Exploratorium

Full Spectrum Science Public Talk

Alexander Pinnigis, Exploratorium

Sex, Drugs & Neurotransmitters Public Talk; Carnivorous Plant Dissection

Tammy Cook-Endres, Teacher Institute

Heart and Lung Dissection Workshop

Stephanie Stewart-Bailey, Exploratorium

Rabbit Dissection

Scientists from the Exploratorium and the local community offered presentations and interactive workshops at Helix. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about current research and the scientific process directly from scientists, and to explore their understanding of scientific phenomena. Scientists practiced engaging with the public and communicating clearly about their work.