Carnivorous Plants

Sunday, July 27thPitcher Plant

11:00 AM & 1:00 PM

Join Exploratorium Biologist Alex Pinigis for a Pitcher Plant dissection!  Learn how pitcher plants and other botanical carnivores lure, trap, and digest their prey as you look into the deadly pitcher.  What will you find inside?  What secrets do they hold?  And what do Venus Fly Traps have in common with our brains?  Find out Sunday!

Alex’s first job was at the Exploratorium as a High School Explainer in 2003, and he loved it so much he decided he was going to do everything he could to work there.  Alex studied molecular neurobiology at UC Berkeley and worked for a year in a retinal neurobiology lab, then worked at the Exploratorium as on on-call Bio Lab tech for two years before being brought on full-time.  He’s passionate about neuroscience, but every aspect of biology fascinates him, from botany to genetics to evolution-there’s always more to learn!  When Alex isn’t at work he’s often biking or cooking.