Exhibit Talks: June

Thursday, June 26

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Join us as we explore all of the Helix exhibits with Exploratorium senior scientist, Thomas Humphrey. Thomas Humphrey is Senior Scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He has built hundreds of exhibits and taught in Teacher trainer programs for three decades. He will be giving an open (questions and comments invited!) tour of HELIX on Thursday June 26 from 1-3 PM.

Thomas Humphrey is a physicist, teacher, exhibit developer, artist, and guitar player with a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from Caltech. His research was done at Fermilab. Thomas joined the Exploratorium staff in 1973 and worked closely for many years with Frank Oppenheimer, the museum’s founder and director. An Exploratorium Senior Scientist, Thomas has been principal investigator on dozens of projects involving exhibit development and teaching in the areas of seeinglistening, physics, feedback, mathematics, and navigation. He’s also been involved with exhibits developed through our artist-in-residence program, and he’s tested innovative exhibit techniques.