Workshop Options

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Sewing Circuits

How many ways can you find to light up a light bulb? Learn about simple circuitry through making a project using conductive thread and LED’s. Ages 10+

Dissecting Flowers

What’s hiding inside of flowers? Dissect a simple flower to learn about plant reproduction, and then investigate a variety of flowers to look for the reproductive parts. We’ll use our video microscope to take a close look at what we find. Ages 7+

Building Speakers

What’s going on inside of the speakers in your stereo? Learn about sound and electricity, and then make basic speakers out of everyday materials and listen to how well they work when hooked up to our boom box. Ages 7+

Investigating Optical Illusions

Is everything in the world what it seems? Explore an optical illusion together, and then make your own illusions to take home. Ages 7+

Exploring Light & Shadow

What colors can you find in your shadows? Dance and play in our colored shadows installation, and then make shadow puppets to use with your friends. Ages 5+

Workshop options may change over time.